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Arléa is a small publishing house which mainly publish literature and classical texts since 1986. But also some essays and texts about architecture. Arléa have adopted a demanding editorial policy, their aim being to transmit French texts and major foreign texts, of yesterday and today, written by established authors as well as the young generation.

Among our authors : Hélène Gestern, Maxence Fermine, Pascal Quignard, Albert Londres, Stéphane Lambert, Christian Garcin, Michaël Ferrier, Robert Guillain, Tzvetan Todorov, Albert Simonin, Paul Morand, Germaine Tillion...

Among our major foreign texts : Pier Paolo Pasolini, Guéorgui Gospodinov, Alberto Moravia, Michelangelo Antonioni, Joseph Conrad, Renzo Piano, Tadao Andô, Franco La Cecla, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Soshitsu Sen...

Today Arlea published around 1,100 titles.

In the following countries we are represented by :

and baltic countries :

Lester Literary Agency

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